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Agrotourism in Mas de Caret

Agrotourism in Mas de Caret

In addition to being a beautiful rural farmhouse in the marvellous Tarragona mountains, Mas de Caret is based on agrotourism and sustainability, making it the perfect place to enjoy nature in all its natural splendour.

In Mas de Caret you can find the organic vegetable garden, beautiful pathways as well as the fragrant Parc de les Olors, creating unforgettable experiences.

Come and enjoy!.

An eco-friendly, sustainable farmhouse

A traditional old farmhouse where you can spend time in the orchard and play with the animals. Fruit and vegetables are grown the old-fashioned, natural way. Mas de Caret is the perfect meeting-point for an incredible natural setting and well-being.

Sustainability and ecology: distinctive features of Mas de Caret. The reconstruction of the masia used bioconstruction materials and techniques. It uses renewable energies, and the farmhouse promotes responsible purchasing and recycling, a philosopqhy of life which situates this rural house within the ambit of ecotourism.

You dare?


Your point of encounter with nature

Agrotouristc activities for all

Mas de Caret has converted its 8 hectares into a place where you can foregt daily routine and be in contact with a natural environment once again. With firm ecological values, lovers of agrotourism will be delighted by mouthwatering organic dishes.

Both old and young can enjoy the beautiful forest, savour the organic produce from the vegetable garden, and bathe in one of the swimming pools overlooking the Prades mountains. You can also share the company of the ponies, sheep, geese and chickens who all live on this small farm.

Children can see the animals close-up in a natural paradise, discovering the near-by bee hives, while the dogs and cats accompany them on their many adventures. They are sure to have a great time!

Mas de Caret is in a continual state of change as we believe this keeps the masia alive.

  • Terrasces
  • Farm animals
  • Ecologic vegetable garden
  • Forest
  • Vineyards
  • Swimming pool



Where you and nature meet. organic vegetable garden, beautiful pathways...


The environment

Visiting Farena, psifactoría, "riu Sec" and the "riu Brugent" will not leave you indifferent. Explode them and have fun!


The Masia

Enjoy the little pleasures of life in a unique environment. Find out!


We are banned from boredom so we have prepared a lot of activities where you can participate in big and small: visit the parlor of the Scents, pick fresh produce from the organic garden to elaborate exquisite dishes, visit Farena a small village with a special charm, discover the special corners That has the riu Brugen and as could not miss the Toll de L'olla.

Surround yourself with authentic fragrances and aromas

The Agrotouristic Masia, Mas de Caret, has a special space which is reserved for the cultivation of a wide range of both culinary and medicinal aromatic plants. The Parc de les Olors is open to all staying guests.

As you visit, you will become aware of the delicate aromas of rosemary, thyme, stevia, lavander,  sage, oregano, basil and other varieties of plants which envelop the area.

Mas de Caret also allows those who would like to know more informatiom and details about the plants to do guided visits around the Parc de les Olors, without previously arranging lodging.

Just as the masia´s cuisine uses ingredients from the eco-friendly vegetable patch and/or locally-sourced produce, these exquisite flavours give an extra touch to the dishes which come out of the farmhouse kitchen. Exquisite!

Food should be a pleasure for sight as well as taste. Using these principles, Mas de Caret uses Mediterranean gastronomy as its base, in which fresh, organic produce from the land is essential. In addition to this however, visitors can also enjoy an innovative vegetarian cuisine if so desired.

In the preparation of our dishes we use products from our organically-grown vegetable garden and other produce from the local area. Excellent recipes are cooked with either gas or firewood, thus saving energy. Mas de Caret, with its philosophy of favouring and promoting renewable energy, also on occasions uses solar panels to cook with.

Come try some of our specialities!

During your stay in Mas de Caret, there are numerous sporting activities you can do both on the estate as well as in the surrounding areas: la Bartra (Montblanc), Farena, Capafons, Mont-ral, Prades, Siurana etc. You can count on an ideal stage from which to appreciate nature while you have fun

What you can do:-)